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Featured products

Leather Bat Wings
Beautiful black leather bat wings. Made from real leather on top of a flexible wire frame. Latigo Leather Straps will adjust to fit most people. Can be worn with or without center leather strap. Approx. Size is 30” wide by 22” tall.
Market price: $199.95
Aurora Lights Blindfold
SKU: G-04
Uber cool light up blindfold! One size fits all, fully adjustable head strap and bridge chain, this awesome blindfold features an ever changing multi-color light scheme. Have the coolest blindfold in the world!
Market price: $64.95
20 Tail Suede Flogger
SKU: W-13
Very nice 20 tail black suede flogger. 18" tails, highly polished handle with comfortable rubber grip handle.
Market price: $79.95
Leather Bondage Hobble Belt
SKU: L-206S
What a great idea! A belt you can wear and take off anytime to tie up your favorite person! The belt is 1 1/2", constructed out of 7-9 oz. black latigo leather for years of use and abuse. Available in three sizes.

Market price: $59.95
Little Devil Electric toy
A nice little compact electrical toy! When the two spikes contact skin, they give off a mild to fairly intense electrical shock (comparable to a “tens” unit or a medium setting on a Violet Wand). Features three settings, constant, fast pulse and slow pulse. 5” overall length, belt clip included.
Market price: $59.95
Puppy Dog Hood
SKU: B-H-H-3
”Puppy Dog" style bondage hood. Constructed out of high quality black latigo leather, one size fits most. Functional and comfortable. Features two D rings, one in front and the other in back on attached collar for different leash configurations, open ear design and a mouth hole for feeding.
Features highly polished stainless steel buckles and D ring, they will never rust or tarnish.
Market price: $149.95
Poly Rod Black Spike Cane
SKU: W-S-02
A brutal cane, constructed out of strong PVC with a rubber covered handle, nickel plated loop on the end and a 1/2" nickel plated brass spike on the other end. 32" overall length. Sexy and intimidating, your sub will beg for mercy! These rods pack a punch, use with caution.
Market price: $24.95
Spiked Goggles
SKU: G-01
Uber cool goggles! One size fits all, fully adjustable head strap and bridge, these cool goggles feature two 1 3/8” spikes, two 1/2” spikes and two 3/8" spikes. Also feature removable 50mm lenses, comes standard with red colored lens. Smoke, blue and 3D lenses are available.
Market price: $44.95
Leather Bed Tie - Tie Down
Attach to anything! Wrap around a bedpost, heater, chair, or whatever you'd like. The other end easily attaches to wrist and ankle cuffs individually or together. Fully adjustable buckle sizing allows for distance preference and post sizes. Leather straps are 1" wide.