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Leather Double Slapper
A classic slapper like no other. Doubled leather gives a nice "crack" sound when used for extra auditory stimulation. Total length is 12" with a 6" wrap around handle using 5 large rivets. Excellent travel size, too. Constructed out of premium black latigo leather and a 1 1/2" Stainless Steel D ring.
Pocket Size Mini Whip
SKU: W-07
Perfect travel size, small enough to fit in your pocket, but delivers a nice discreet zing. This unique cat o' nine tails style whip is 12" long total with a 3" handle at 1/2" wide. Constructed out of a ribbed rubber material. Handle and tips are coated in a rubber sheild and comes with a 1/2" stainless steel O ring on the end for hanging.
The Illuminator LED Flogger
SKU: W-09
Find your target in the dark with this intimidating flogger. The Illuminator features a combination of black suede and electrical cord with red LEDs on the tips giving this whip a unique thud and sting feel all its own. Tough enough to take all the abuse you can throw at it. Uses 2 D batteries that will last a very long time. (included). Approx. 28 overall length.
BallChain Flogger
SKU: W-10
Very nice ballchain flogger. Constructed with six 18" stainless steel ballchain tails set into a beautiful highly polished handle with a comfortable rubber grip.
Black Suede Flogger
SKU: W-12
Beautiful 10 falls premium black suede flogger with a rubber coated handle.
Sturdy and affordable, everyone could use one in their toybox!
Overall length is 24".
This is the perfect flogger for everyone from the novice to the expert, simple yet effective.
Market price: $29.95
20 Tail Suede Flogger
SKU: W-13
Gorgeous 20 tail black suede flogger.
Twenty 18" long premium black suede tails, highly polished aluminum handle with comfortable rubber grip handle. Very nice heavy thud with this flogger. Built to last, looks that impress!
Market price: $79.95
Poly Rod Black Spike Cane
SKU: W-S-02
A brutal cane, constructed out of strong PVC with a rubber covered handle, nickel plated loop on the end and a 1/2" nickel plated brass spike on the other end.
32" overall length.
Sexy and intimidating, your sub will beg for mercy! These rods pack a punch, use with caution.
Market price: $24.95
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