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O-Ring Chainmaille Choker
SKU: C-59
A bondage-esque O ring design. This piece uses 1/4" stainless steel rings in the triple link pattern with a center 1" nickle plated brass O Ring. Features a stainless steel lobster clasp. Small size will fit a 12.5" to a 14.5" neck size and the large will fit a 14.5" to 16.5" neck size. Overall length of the small is 14.5", overall length of the large is 16.5"

Market price: $39.95
Over/Under Leather Wristband
SKU: LW-10
2" wide leather wristband with an over/under weave pattern with a 3/4" PVC strip in between. Small size will fit up to a 7" wrist, large size will fit up to an 8" wrist. Two snap adjustment with heavy duty nickel plated brass snaps.

Market price: $24.95