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Padded Leather Ankle Suspension Cuffs
Beautiful suspension cuffs constructed of heavy duty 7-9 oz. black latigo, all stainless steel hardware and padded with a very comfortable fabric lined neoprene.
Buckles adjust to fit a 6"- 11" ankle.
Rated up to 300 lbs. per cuff.
Built to last a lifetime, these are the only ankle suspension cuffs you'll ever need.
Padded Leather Knee Pads
SKU: B-K-1
Padded leather knee pads, constructed out of premium black latigo leather, a soft neoprene padding and stainless steel hardware. Highly comfortable and durable. Will fit up to a 21" thigh and 16" calf. An excellent addition to one of the Axovus Dog Hoods!
Market price: $89.95
Persian Weave Chainmail Bracelet
SKU: C-23
Traditional Persian design made from stainless steel 5/16" rings. Total length is 10 1/2" and can be adjusted down to 7 1/2" and is approx. 1/2" wide. Features a stainless steel lobster clasp.
Persian Weave Chainmaille Necklace 20"
SKU: C-52
An elegant rounded link, the Persian Weave will stand out in a crowd. This piece uses 5/16" stainless steel rings. Features a stainless steel lobster clasp. Chain length is 20" and has approx. 3" of adjustment.
Plain Jane Leather Guitar Strap
SKU: L-GS-01
2 1/2" wide 5-7oz. black latigo guitar strap. Unique adjustment system, all stainless steel hardware. Adjusts from 48" to 58".
Market price: $59.95
Pocket Size Mini Whip
SKU: W-07
Perfect travel size, small enough to fit in your pocket, but delivers a nice discreet zing. This unique cat o' nine tails style whip is 12" long total with a 3" handle at 1/2" wide. Constructed out of a ribbed rubber material. Handle and tips are coated in a rubber sheild and comes with a 1/2" stainless steel O ring on the end for hanging.
Poly Rod Black Spike Cane
SKU: W-S-02
A brutal cane, constructed out of strong PVC with a rubber covered handle, nickel plated loop on the end and a 1/2" nickel plated brass spike on the other end.
32" overall length.
Sexy and intimidating, your sub will beg for mercy! These rods pack a punch, use with caution.
Market price: $24.95
Pony Bridle Harness With Reins
Excellent Pony Bit/Bridle. Bit is 100% Silicon rubber for a nice, smooth feel. Bridle is hand crafted out of premium black latigo leather with stainless steel hardware.
Comes with 4' removable reins.
Market price: $99.95
Princess Bondage Collar
SKU: B-SC-20
Made from high quality 5-7 oz soft black latigo leather, Abalone multicolor rivet backed rhinestones and a 1 1/2" stainless steel O ring. Buckle adjust with a stainless steel buckle, fits approx 12 1/2"- 17 1/2" neck. Total size is 20" x 1".

Puppy Dog Hood
SKU: B-H-H-3
”Puppy Dog" style bondage hood. Constructed out of high quality black latigo leather, one size fits most. Functional and comfortable. Features two D rings, one in front and the other in back on attached collar for different leash configurations, open ear design and a mouth hole for feeding.
Features highly polished stainless steel buckles and D ring, they will never rust or tarnish.
Market price: $149.95