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Set of 5 Fetish Claws
SKU: B-C-05
…careful, these are sharp! These claws will leave their mark on your prey! Each claw is expertly sharpened for a unique look and feel. Packaged in a set of 5. Great for erotic scratching. *This is not a weapon, these are designed only to scratch the skin.
Market price: $34.95
Shoe Lock Ankle Cuffs
SKU: B-A-17
Leather ankle cuffs with locking strap and added Dee rings. The set comes with two 3" wide locking buckle adjust cuffs with adjustable locking shoe strap. Fits 6"-11" ankle. Features highly polished stainless steel buckles and D rings.
Locks and keys included.
Small Heart Lock
SKU: lock heart small
Very cute little heart shaped lock with a heart shaped keyhole, high gloss nickel plate. This lock is approx. 1" tall and will fit all small lock posts. Elegant and sturdy, this is a lock you'll love forever. Comes with 2 keys with little hearts on them.
Market price: $9.95
Spiked Chain Bracelet
SKU: C-22
This unique piece is a spiked quadruple link using stainless steel 3/8" rings and nickel plated brass 1/2" spikes. Stainless steel hardware and clasp.
Small will fit 5"-7" wrist, large will fit 6"-8” wrist.

Spiked Chain Chainmaille Choker
SKU: C-57
Can be worn as a choker or hang more like a necklace. This unique piece is a spiked triple link using 3/8" stainless steel rings and 1/2" nickel plated brass spikes. Features a stainless steel lobster clasp. Small will fit up to a 14" neck, large will fit up to a 17” neck.

Spiked Goggles
SKU: G-01
Uber cool goggles! One size fits all, fully adjustable head strap and bridge, these cool goggles feature two 1 3/8” spikes, two 1/2” spikes and two 3/8" spikes. Also feature removable 50mm lenses, comes standard with red colored lens. Smoke, blue and 3D lenses are available.
Market price: $44.95
Spiked Leather Gauntlet (ea.)
SKU: L-G-1
Constructed out of premium black latigo leather and nickle plated brass grommets with 1 3/8" hex spikes and 1/2" tree spikes for one bad ass gauntlet. Laced for maximum adjustment and comfort. Main piece is 8" high and fits approx. 6" to 11" wrist and approx. 8" to 14" forearm.
Priced per gauntlet.
Market price: $69.95
Stainless Steel O Rings
SKU: O Ring 2"
Stainless Steel O Rings, available in two sizes, 2" and 2 1/2" diameter.