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Aurora Lights Blindfold

Aurora Lights Blindfold
Uber cool light up blindfold! One size fits all, fully adjustable head strap and bridge chain, this awesome blindfold features an ever-changing multi-color light scheme. Have the coolest blindfold in the world!
You really need to see it to believe it, this is a psychedelic lightshow on your head! The lights slowly turn from red to blue to green and all the colors in between. Each light runs on 2 CR927 lithium watch batteries with are included, PLUS an additional set of batteries at no extra cost. Each set of batteries will power this blindfold for at least 10 continuous hours.
Not only will you see a light show on the outside, the wearer also sees the lightshow inside the blindfold. We've specially designed this blindfold to light up inside the goggles to create a meditative effect for the wearer, all other light is completely blocked out, it's a real sensory deprivation experience!
As if you needed more, this blindfold also features our unique double head strap design, this adjustable head strap goes on and stays on!
What else do you need to know? You need the coolest blindfold on the planet in YOUR toy box.
SKU G-04  
Weight 0.50 lbs
Our price: $59.95
Market price: $64.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Avery
    I have a pair of these and a pair of the goggles you can see through. I friggin' love them. I get a lot of comments. These are a little more visible than the ones you can see through, so if you're looking for a purely decorative look (or to be blind), these are the ones for you. My only complaint is that the plastic of the goggles is pretty hard and unpadded, so they sometimes dig in uncomfortably if I put them up on my forehead.
  • Author: MelsMaia
    It would be really cool if the lights would keep time with whatever music was being played while wearing them. That way they would blend in with the activity instead of being a harsh contrast.
  • Author: SmokedMirrors
    These googles make seeing impossible. In bright light, with the internal lights off, all you can make out is a very scant amount of light, but no image. With the LED's on you get a slight light show. Fun to throw on your lastest sensory deprivation victim.. I mean volunteer. Also fun to put on yourself and listen to music. I'm gonna get me a pair of the see through ones next.
  • Author: Mike
    When the lights are on what you can see is a small crescent of light around the battery casing. The plastic is hard, but actually contoured well to my eyes ones I put them on. One thing they don't mention is the chain across the nose is adjustable though you have to take the entire unit apart.

    On a massive plus, their customer service is FANTASTIC and when my first set arrived damaged the second pair arrived within 3 days.
  • Author: BakedApple
    This looks lovely. It would be nice to be able to adjust the frequency so as to elicit an altered state in the wearer.
  • Author: White Widow
    These are cool, I was expecting a bit more light so that they could be used for sensory overload as well as a meditative state. Also it would be nice to have a simpler method of turning them on and off, the batterys seem a bit touchy. Overall, still very sweet goggles ;)

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