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Little Devil Electric Toy

Little Devil Electric Toy
A nice little compact electrical toy! When the two spikes contact skin, they give off a mild to fairly intense electrical shock (comparable to a tens unit or a medium setting on a Violet Wand). Features three settings, constant, fast pulse and slow pulse. 5 overall length, belt clip included.
This is the best compact electrical toy you could ever find, it runs off of 2 AA batteries (included). The battery life is great, one set of batteries will last you months of normal play. Once you've tried it, it's a must have for your toy box. The sensation is a sharp tingling feeling, a very fast pulsating electrical feel to it that will have your playmate squirming for hours!
The beauty of this toy is its portability and ease of use, leave it by your bedside for some spontaneous play, the Little Devil is ready to go at a moments notice. Experiment on different parts of the body, the thrilling sensation of pleasure and pain at the same time will have them begging for more! It's safe to use on all body parts, but please use some common sense, this is not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker or a heart condition.
Have fun and experiment with the best toy to introduce you into electrical play.
Weight 0.38 lbs
Our price: $49.95
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Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Master561
    What a wondeful toy with no wires..yah keep them cuming
  • Author: Peter@Eurotique.com
    We carry these in stock and can ship same day . Great toy well made and lots of fun363
  • Author: CaptainJustice
    This is also great with water. I keep a small spray bottle on hand to use with it. It totally changes the nature of the toy.
  • Author: Desiree
    my friend has the old model which I've used and its great !! the new one is far too powerful and Hurts like hell !
  • Author: SmokedMirrors
    This toy is hands (tied) down fun. The zap/shock/whatever you want to call it that it sends out varies from person to person, bodypart to bodypart, but definitely provokes a reaction. It's easy to use, and use it I have. Definitely one for all you torment fans out there. A lot of fun to zap them up and down, then do it again with the power switched off just to see another jump trying to avoid it.
  • Author: drmgiver
    I have had the opportunity to play with this thing because a friend owns one. Trust me it is a lot of fun, ordered mine today.
  • Author: JP
    I have had this used on me many times...it's fantastic..
  • Author: t.
    We have this toy and i love it...and we paid 20$ for it at a FFF
    a couple of years ago.
  • Author: Trillion
    This is a fab toy, got to play with a friends last night and will be ordering my own as soon as I get paid.... why does 13 days suddenly feel like a long time ~taps foot impatiently~
  • Author: RubyRed762
    I LOVE this little guy! Perfectly portable and pleasurable!
  • Author: pitch&catch
    A friend of mine used one on me. I loved it. When it was my turn, I used it on him. Extensively. He loved it too. (It is overpriced though; ought to be about $15)
  • Author: Sir2u
    This is the best little toy to have in your pocket . Love it
  • Author: raindeblack
    its ok for rare use, but quite overpriced... which means for one thing that it simply won't last long - its FRAGILE and looks it....
  • Author: MichaelFlomo
    Hello. And Bye.
  • Author: Bahumat
    Very fun toy, with a medium intensity to the sensations. It'll sting pretty good, but not so much that someone will scream. Particularly fond of the fast-pulse function; it makes dragging it over someone especially fun.

    Going to agree with the warnings about durability though. The plastic case is enough to handle casual use, but it doesn't look like it's built for any sort of rough play.

    I think it would be even more fun with a 'random' setting on it, something that caused it to fire off at a random interval between .25 and 8 seconds or so. Would make torturing someone with this much more fun for them.

    Construction: 3 stars.
    Pain Intensity: 3 stars.
    Versatility: 4 stars.
    Fun: 5 stars.
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